A-America Brings in Tommy Leflein as Vice President of Sales for East Coast and Ron Holliday as Western Sales Manager.

A-America Brings in Tommy Leflein as Vice President of Sales for East Coast and Ron Holliday as Western Sales Manager.

(Left to Right) Tommy Leflein and Ron Holliday


A-America recently announced that Tommy Leflein is A-America’s new Vice President of Sales for the East Coast and Ron Holliday has been appointed Western Sales Manager.

A veteran of the furniture industry, Tommy Leflein is A-America’s new V.P. of East Coast Sales. Tommy has been a former president, chairman and board member of the International Home Furnishings Representatives Association (IHFRA). Additionally, he has been a board member of the Greater Metropolitan Home Furniture Association of New York and New Jersey for 20 years. Tommy has been a sales manager for industry names such as Bivona & Company, Nourison Rugs and Lexington Home Brands.

Ron  comes to A-America with 30 years of experience in the industry. He started in the 1990’s moving furniture for retail stores, he quickly moved into sales and has worked with some of the biggest names in the industry: Klausner, Berkline and Greenington to name a few.

Ron’s 20 years of building relationships in Asia brings added benefit as A-America has a solid presence in Vietnam and other Asian countries. Ron is a big believer in A-America’s solid wood story and says, “S.V.P. of sales, Christian Rohrbach’s energy is helping to propel the company into new directions”.

In Tommy’s words, “We need to look into venues beyond brick and mortar and e-commerce”. Both Ron and Tommy are looking towards reaching out to design trade, subscription services, and other alternate avenues of distribution. Our sales team is ready to respond creatively to changing buying patterns.

There’s a new synergy at A-America and Ron and Tommy are part of the sales team that breathes new life and creative energy into the company’s future.


Family owned and operated A-America, Inc., a pioneer in the furniture industry, has been a leading provider of high-quality solid wood furniture for over 45 years. A . For more information visit http://www.a-america.com or email contact-us@a-america.com.



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